A Vision for the Future


In 1940, when Ima Hogg devoted her brother Will’s legacy to establishing the Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, she had a simple but profound vision of the kind of future she hoped the foundation would help bring into existence.

It was a future in which people with mental health challenges would be treated with respect and dignity, and mental health would be seen as indivisible from all other aspects of a flourishing and healthy life.

Over the decades Texas has come some distance toward realizing that vision, in no small part thanks to the work the Hogg Foundation and its allies have done.

This 75th anniversary website is dedicated to documenting, and reflecting upon, this history. It’s a history that’s important to the foundation itself. It’s also part of the broader history of mental health systems and concepts in Texas and America. 

At the heart of this website, and of the foundation’s 75th anniversary celebration, is a forthcoming history by Texas A&M professor William Bush. Titled Circuit Riders for Mental Health: The Hogg Foundation and the Transformation of Mental Health in Texas, it will explore the Hogg Foundation’s central role in transforming the way we think, talk, and make policy about the issue of mental health.



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