Hogg Family Artifacts

The Hogg Foundation's archives contain more than just records of the foundation's history. Deep within the administrative offices you can find artifacts from the Hogg Family consisting mainly of Ima's fine china and silverware.  However, sometimes you’ll come across something completely unexpected.

Nestled next to teacups and other china is a box containing a lock of Ima Hogg’s hair. The practice of keeping locks of hair from loved ones dates back to the Roman empire when girls who were about to be married offered locks of hair to Jove (Jupiter). It gained massive popularity in the Victorian times where some people even collected locks from famous authors, musicians, and other prominent figures. You can find one such collection at the Harry Ransom Center, containing locks from Charlotte Bronte, Marie Antoinette, and Edgar Allan Poe.

James Stephen Hogg, father to Ima Hogg, won the election for Governor of Texas in 1890. Along with the responsibility and power of being Governor of Texas, James also gained his own brand of cigars. Unfortunately, only the tin remains in our archives so we cannot confirm if they really are “as good as the man.”

Will Hogg considered going to seminary before deciding to attend UT for law school. He eventually went on to found the earliest incarnation of Texas Exes, and to be a lifelong advocate for the University of Texas community.

Stephen Callender

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